Data Reduction Procedures

Calibration Verification Experiments include:

  • Accuracy evaluation
  • Reportable range verification
  • Linear Fit Report
  • Automatic Precision Error Flag
  • Analytical Claim Summary
  • Peer Comparison Report
  1. Contact Verichem via email to, by phone at (800) 552-5859 or complete the online form click here.

  2. Once your request has been processed by Verichem, you will receive a lab number and password.  You should treat the password as confidential.  Do not share the password with anyone outside of your lab.

  3. Login to using your lab number and password.

  4. Review and print the Submission Instructions and Instrument Code Sheet.  Important note:  Analyte codes must be entered exactly as they appear on the Code Sheet.

  5. Download the Data Submission Template.  This template is an Excel spreadsheet.  Save the spreadsheet directly to your computer.  You can then logout and complete your Data Reduction spreadsheets.  Rename and save each product spreadsheet.

  6. Login to the website again and submit the completed Excel spreadsheets.

  7. The Data Reduction Reports are generated instantaneously in PDF format. The reports can be printed and also saved to your computer.  You will need the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download.

  8. If you need to repeat a cal ver report for any particular component simply delete all existing results from the product spreadsheet and enter only the new data for that analyte.  Then re-submit the revised spreadsheet.  The report will only contain the new submission.