Bilirubin Standard, Level F
Bilirubin Standard Kit

List No. 9436
(2 x 5mL)
Price: $32.00

List No. 9436                  2 x 5mL                       $32.00

Analyte Units Level F

Total Bilirubin mg/dL 30
Direct Bilirubin *mg/dL 30
This product is not sold separately and must be ordered with Bilirubin Standard Kit
*Direct Bilirubin values may vary with methodology and conditions of assay
• Identical matrix as Verichem 9450 Bilirubin Standard Kit for optimum linearity
• Protein based, ready-to-use liquid
• No glycols, azides or surfactants
• Concentrations verified against available NIST Standard Reference Material
• Stable 5 days after opening when refrigerated