Quality Control

All Verichem Laboratories' standards are verified against independent clinical standards prepared with available reference materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Each lot-specific Certificate of Analysis, supplied in every kit, validates concentration and linearity performance using clinical methods and NIST materials as references, when available.

Verichem Laboratories has accomplished unprecedented technical achievements and continues to advance in linking definitive method value assignment with practicality. Clinical scientists worldwide have recognized the importance of Verichem Laboratories' premium quality control materials in their routine monitoring of clinical chemistry systems.

Verichem Laboratories standard solutions are noted for the highest quality achieved by the specific processes and the integrity of the components used in manufacture. Each reference standard is composed of standard materials meeting available purity specifications of the American Chemical Society (ACS) or United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Submicron filtered deionized water used in Verichem products is monitored to assure that it meets important quality specifications and assure low microbial content throughout the manufacturing process. All heat stable standard components are dried to constant weight at temperatures appropriate to each material. When constant weight is attained, the compound is stored in an air-tight industrial dessicator protected against atmospheric exposure.

Verichem Laboratories uses modern filtration and production filling techniques for each lot, including peristaltic pumping to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Fill volumes are checked throughout the filling process for accuracy and precision in strict accordance with FDA/cGMP regulations.