There are major benefits to using Verichem Products.

Independent Value Assignment:

All Verichem primary standard concentrations are known by gravimetric procedure. This approach to value assignment is truly independent and minimizes the use of consensus, instrument-specific or reagent specific values. As a result, Verichem's protein-based standards are used to determine the absolute accuracy of your clinical system in direct agreement with CLIA and peer agency requirements for verifier materials with known values.

Verichem's supreme quality and target concentration accuracy is inherent in the root process of manufacturing. Verichem's primary focus is to produce the most accurate and stable reference standards. However, some analyte concentrations, such as lipoprotein, direct bilirubin and enzymes cannot be produced gravimetrically. These types of products we call "verifiers." Verifiers may be either secondary standards or controls and are provided with pre-assigned, lot-specific target concentrations obtained from instrument manufacturers, direct measurement with reference methods or peer target assignments using Verichem’s extensive database of analyzer reports from the field.

Product Value and Stability:

Compare kit size and expiry of Verichem products against all others. You will find that Verichem offers products with a low cost per mL and excellent long term stability. The benefit is continued use of the same kit, same lot, time after time, with less reordering.

Our mission is to provide quality control products for the clinical laboratory with maximum accuracy, extended stability and a low cost per mL that can be used more routinely. We believe this approach will support and encourage universal clinical laboratory standardization, Verichem's ultimate goal.

Convenient and Ready to Use:

All Verichem fluids are sold in liquid, ready to use format. Verichem concentration ranges are universal and designed to challenge the majority of clinical systems. Occasionally, you may need to dilute between concentration levels to obtain a lower value at the upper end of the assay range where linearity falls off.

Lot Certified Accuracy:

A lot-specific Certificate of Analysis accompanies each gravimetric standard kit. The Certificate includes actual data from that lot when referenced to available Standard Reference Material obtained from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.