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The Verichem Advantage

Each Verichem kit is designed for concentration accuracy based on available definitive method value assignment traceable to NIST, USP or reference methods. This unique design provides universal product compatibility with all wet chemistry methods.

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Matrix PlusTM
Chemistry Reference Kit

  • Liquid standards with bovine protein
  • Remarkable optical clarity
  • Suitable for most methods - visible and UV, kinetic or endpoint
  • Known concentrations for calibration or calibration verification
  • Constant protein content and pH across the concentration levels
  • Glycol and azide free
  • Stable 21 months from date of manufacture
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Serum ISE Standard Kit

  • Protein-based, liquid gravimetric standards
  • Intended for calibration verification or calibration
  • Suitable for diluted (indirect) ISE and cesium flame
  • Glycol and surfactant free for maximum electrode protection
  • Extended range for high volume analyzers
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Verichem Products are suitable for most diagnostic, wet chemistry analyzers and are not custom designed for any one analyzer. This is a cost-effective design strategy that allows us to produce larger lots and keep manufacturing costs to a minimum. In some cases, you may need to dilute between concentration levels to obtain a lower value at the upper end of the assay range where linearity falls off. Your verification range can be customized and extended for certain analytes by using the optional Level (F).

Verichem's knowledgeable technical support staff is ready to assist you in determining what products are right for your system. The Technical Support Department can be reached at 800-552-5859.

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Data Reduction


Verichem’s data reduction program has universal definitive targets preloaded for all analyzers, including enzyme targets. Verichem customers receive FREE instant CLIA compliant CAL VER reports including peer comparisons for validating and troubleshooting analyzer performance.

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Custom Requests

Many Verichem Laboratories formulations are adapted or customized by leading diagnostic system manufacturers as routine calibration materials, since all Verichem non-enzyme standards are FDA Class II Calibrators. Contact us for quotes.

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Data Reduction

No software to download - nothing to install. Instant reports and peer comparison.

Online peer group data allows instant comparison of your results with those of other labs. Abbott, Beckman and Roche lot specific targets now available for enzyme tests.

Data reduction