About Us

Verichem Laboratories is committed to develop only the most accurate, protein-based, liquid clinical chemistry reference materials for in vitro diagnostic use. We are dedicated to clinical chemists worldwide whose primary goal is to determine the accuracy of their diagnostic test system.

The advanced technology of multi-channel clinical analyzers has increased the testing capacity of today's medical laboratory, thereby enhancing the cost-efficiency of operations. Verichem Laboratories, Inc. stands in the forefront of these developments in clinical analysis, focusing on constant improvement of quality control products to meet increasingly stringent performance testing requirements in laboratory instrumentation.

Our ultimate goal is to provide clinical chemists with a protein-based, practical alternative possessing the known values of NIST Standard Reference Material with a cost effective, ready-to-use format. These premium standard reference materials are supplied with definitive method values. For calibration verification, Verichem gravimetric standards are used to determine a clinical system's bias to the true value. High-level protein matrices, simulating patient specimens, make Verichem Laboratories products ideal for protein sensitive assays that are now becoming more common in reagent development.

Verichem Laboratories depends upon participating instrument manufacturers for value assignments of its secondary standards and controls, such as lipoprotein and enzyme preparations. This approach minimizes the inaccuracy and variability intrinsic to consensus value assignment, and supports our goal to provide universal standard materials for all clinical laboratories.

Some diagnostic manufacturers use Verichem Laboratories' reference materials for standardization of clinical assays among several instrument models and reagent systems. These Verichem Laboratories standardized systems operate with minimal instrument variation, while providing the highest accuracy possible.

The entire product line at Verichem Laboratories was designed to deliver accurate, liquid reference standards for convenient calibration or calibration verification. Verichem Laboratories has developed a variety of multi-component standard solutions, with human and bovine protein matrices, formulated to obtain optimum performance with the latest automated methods. During product development, Verichem Laboratories pays strict attention to packaging details including multi-dose dispensing containers for convenient use and product protection.

All Verichem Laboratories lots are performance tested using popular clinical methods.

Our Field Experience

Regarded as the pioneers in liquid protein-based primary standards, Verichem Laboratories' staff can answer any questions you may have about its standard materials and their performance with your system

Verichem Laboratories products have been specifically designed by certified medical technologists to meet rigorous requirements of customers in this field. The background of our staff assists us in responding to the need of our clients. Our production team has a unique advantage provided by practical working experience within the medical laboratory that adds proficiency to our technical service. Verichem's technical staff has over thirty years of experience in production and quality control of in vitro diagnostic products.